The Global Business Awards Powerlist of the Most Admired National Brands from over 50 countries globally. An iconic list that multiplies annually as brands trend nationally.

Invest in your brand. Invest in the future.

A company’s brand is one of their most, if not the most, valuable asset they have. As emerging brands, companies such as Aviation Gin and Allbirds depend on the power of the brand to drive their business growth. To many, the brand is the company itself (Coke, GE, Nike, Mastercard), as it represents the myriad factors that contribute to its success. A brand is driven by the perceptions customers have adopted based upon its reputation, its favorability, and its perceived value. And these factors are driven by most everything a company does from the story it tells to the core values that define it, from the way it manages its daily operations to its ability to live up to its promises, from how it positions itself in the marketplace to how it meets consumer expectations—the very essence of a company becomes inextricably bound to its brand.

When a company gets it right, trust, affinity and allegiance are born, critical factors in driving favorable consumer and investor behavior.

When a company understands the role the brand plays in driving its success, it is better positioned to target and remedy weaknesses, and maximize brand-building opportunities. At Tenet Partners, we’re able to derive the intelligence and insights necessary to measure a brand’s value with a precision that allows a company to shape it, manage it, increase its value and gain the competitive advantage over time.

The Most Admired Global brands of 2021 accomplish this by:

  • Aligning business strategy, brand innovation and marketing efforts.
  • Creating brand clarity through a well-defined ‘story’ throughout all communication channels—consumers, employees and investors.
  • Possessing an unwavering commitment to delivering consistent results for customers over time.

Tenet Partners developed a standard set of CoreBrand metrics and reporting methods that, in combination with our custom research and advisory services, allow us to more precisely identify specific strategies to increase a company’s ‘brand power.’

The data we used to create Global Business Research Unit Admired Brands report for 2021 was collected throughout the 2019 calendar year, and was derived from our CoreBrand Index. Insights are gleaned from surveying and analyzing approximately 500 companies across 50 industries each year for over 25 years.

Tenet is the only company that provides digital access to consistent, highly stable, tracking data that spans decades. Quantitative research from 10,000 consumers and business decision makers measure brand awareness (Familiarity) and perception (Favorability) for each company in our index, which is then combined to calculate a company’s brand strength, or, as we call it – “AdmiredBrandScore.”

Tenet’s Top 100 Most Powerful Brands of 2020 highlights the strongest brands we’ve tracked throughout the year. The companies that make it on our list have captured high awareness (Familiarity), and positive brand perception (Favorability) in the marketplace. Objective measurements of these core brand metrics often provide meaningful indicators of a company’s management effectiveness, and therefore financial performance.

It is important to note that Tenet’s CoreBrand Index is not a brand value ranking. Though brand valuation is an important metric for ongoing management of a brand; looking solely at brand valuation cannot illustrate the effectiveness of brand management. Many well-managed brands can have a lower brand value for a number of reasons. To this end, the CoreBrand Index is a reflection of excellent brand management.

Our report findings are based upon a full calendar year of data to support our brand rankings, which include over 10,000 interviews with influential decision makers with broad reach. Survey participants hail from the top 20% of corporations in the United States (based on revenue), are carefully screened, and represent investment communities, potential business partners and business customers and highly engaged consumers.